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Having your garage door serviced once a year can help save you from costly, unexpected repairs. A professional yearly inspection of your garage door system will be able to detect potential problems and ensure that your door is in a safe, working condition. On average people that have have their garage door serviced yearly spend $140/year on maintenance and repair as opposed to people that do not have their door serviced yearly spend over $350/year on maintenance and repairs. Save yourself the inconvenience and cost and get your garage door serviced today!


Welcome Fellow Grouponers! Your Garage Door Experts Are Here!

We heard you might have a garage door problem over there, and we’re more than happy to help.  Our team has been helping families like yours for over 20 years, and we’re happy to finally meet you and offer this sweet deal on a garage door lube-n-tune.

Here’s How It Works:

  1.  Give our team a call – We’re about as friendly as they come.  Just make sure you have that Groupon purchase number handy to give to your customer representative.
  2. Schedule Your Appointment – You pick a time that’s convenient, let our rep know, and we’ll be out there in no time.  Heck, even within 60 minutes if you have an emergency.
  3. Technician Arrival – As promised, one of our handy, trained experts will arrive at your home and help tackle any problems your door may have.  If you have any issues above standard maintenance included with your Groupon, the technician will go over any additional costs associated before completing the work.
  4. Enjoy Your Refreshed Garage – Most of our parts and upgrades come with Lifetime Warranties to give you the security and peace of mind that comes with any repair.

What Services Are Included In Your Groupon?

You are getting our Lube-n-Tune special, which we offer exclusively about twice per year!

Basic Preventative Maintenance

  • Lubrication of All Moving Parts
  • Tightening of Loose Nuts and Bolts
  • Opener Inspection – Limit Settings
  • Check Cables, Drums, Rollers
  • Check Torsion Spring Health
  • Inspect Garage Door Balance

Safety Inspection

  • 21 Point Safety Check
  • Sensor Inspection
  • Rough Movements
  • Gaps While Closed
  • Track Health
  • Rust and Deterioration

*At times, your door may require additional work above and beyond our lubrication and inspection.  Your technician is well-prepared to help with any additional mechanical issues the door may have.

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